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Katie Butcher R.I.P.

KAtie Butcher RIP
Most of you will have received my e-mail giving you the sad news that in December our President, Katie Butcher, died.
I gather that there was a private funeral in Cheshire and that her family are considering the possibility of having a memorial service at some stage in Guildford.
Patsy Anders sent me some informative and amusing memories of Katie and I will read an excerpt of those to you.
“I was very fond of Katie who was an extrovert and could be quite mad at times. She was half French and half Turkish and was educated in Alexandria where her Turkish Father was a diplomat. I had known Katie for a long time as we were both members of Shalford DFAS
Just over 25 years ago Katie was asked to form a new society in Woking and to be its founding Chairman. Because Barbara New and I lived in Woking, we both moved with her to the newly formed Woking DFAS.
When Katie’s three years in the chair was coming to an end she had to find a new chairman to take her place. She kept asking me and I kept saying “no” but with her persistence and her charm she just wore me down and the rest is history.
My best memory of Katie was when she participated in the TV show "Bargain Hunt”. We all watched it and as you can imagine Katie was very, very funny.”
Patsy, thank you very much for sharing these memories with us.
We are all very grateful to Katie for having taken on the challenge of founding our society and we were really pleased to have her as guest of honour at the 25th anniversary dinner last April. (see picture above) She very much enjoyed the evening.
Chris Symington
Chairman, Woking DFAS



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