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Arts Society Trails of Discovery - Surrey

The Arts Society's Trails Of Discovery

This is the umbrella term for the different types of trails that members create:

Trails For Children

These are aimed at children between 8-12years of age. The trail guides them around a place of worship or historic building looking at and asking questions about art, artefacts, architecture and history. There is a corresponding answer sheet provided for accompanying adults. Our Children’s Trails prompt young people to enjoy the stories behind local landmarks. It is wonderful to see their curiosity come to light.

Town Trails

The aim of these trails is to encourage children to explore an area looking at art, architecture and local history, broadening their knowledge and providing an enjoyable experience. This type of trail does not have an answer sheet as all the answers can be found by looking at information en route.

Memory Trails

These trails are aimed at anyone living with memory loss, and have been created with the help of psychiatric professionals. The trails lead participants and their carer around a building within a sensory framework, looking at and touching objects, evoking memories and prompting conversation.

We would love to see more participants in this creative, sociable activity. The trails are fun and informative to produce, and require only a couple of months’ commitment.

If any members would like to know more, or if they know a of a suitable subject for a trail, please contact Sara Scott sarajscott@btinternet.com for more information, or look at www.theartssociety.org  and look for Trails of Discovery.


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