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The Arts Society Woking's Talk Programme 2012

All Speakers are carefully chosen based on their reputation for attractive and well-presented talks with good pictures. Talks take place on the second Wednesday of each month except July and August.
Talks commence promptly at 10.30am at Bisley Pavilion, Bisley Camp, Queens Road, Bisley Woking Surrey GU24 0NY  This website includes an Interactive map.
Coffee and biscuits are served from 9.45am.
Members may bring a visitor, but the same person may not be a guest more than twice a year. While we do not charge a Visitors fee, Visitors may want to make a donation to the Society of (say) £5.

January 11th 2012

Treasures of the V&A Renaissance Galleries

The spectacular new galleries, opened in December 2009, house the Museum's outstanding collection of renaissance art. The talk looks at the challenges facing the curators of this ambitious project and introduces many of the treasures on display.

Speaker: Dr Paula Nuttall BA(Hons), PhD

Dr Nuttall is a freelance speaker and writer and Director of the Museum's Medieval and Renaissance Year Course. This will be her second visit to us.

February 8th  2012

Looking at Dickens 1812-2012

In Dickens' bicentenary year, the talk introduces his life and career and focuses on the famous illustrations in the serial novels, his public readings in Britain and the USA, the theatre world which he loved, his picture in words of London and the portraits and cartoons which captured "the Inimitable Boz" in life and after premature death in 1870.

Speaker: Professor Michael Wheeler MA, PhD

 The speaker is now a freelance writer and a Visiting Professor at Lancaster and Southampton Universities.

March 14th 2012

Turkish Miniature Painting

This talk looks at miniatures created at the Ottoman Court in Istanbul during the glory days of their empire when Sultans were keen to record history and above all their own place in history. Typical subjects are portraiture, battles, vivid scenes of cities under siege, festivals and the
Sultans themselves. The vibrantly coloured miniatures possess particular qualities of frankness, vitality and vigour, with exquisite drawing and an element of humour.

Speaker: Jane Angelini BA, MA

The speaker specialises in Russian, Byzantine and Classical art and comes to us for the second time.

April 11th 2012

The Great Age of the Poster

The talk illustrates how technical innovation in printing, related to creative genius and remarkable craftsmanship, enabled the Poster to become the world's first effective method of mass communication. It features work by artists who made the Poster great, including Manet, Cheret, Lautrec, Mucha, Steinlen, Grasset and many more.

Speaker: Charles Harris BSc

Charles Harris spent his career in advertising and was responsible for campaigns for many of the world's great brands.

May 9th 2012

Klimt and the Viennese Secession: "A Kiss for all the World"

The fears and anxieties of Vienna in the final years before the Great War found expression in the works of Freud and Mahler and in the haunting paintings of Klimt, Kokoschka and Schiele. Klimt, the 150th anniversary of whose birth falls in 2012, was the leader of this Secession movement. The talk traces the course of this brief but always dazzlingly inventive period of art.

Speaker: Douglas Skeggs MA(Cantab)

Douglas Skeggs returns for his sixth visit to us.

June 13th 2012

Pompeii and Herculaneum - their life and death

The cities of Vesuvius and the treasures which they have preserved offer unparalleled insight into the culture and lifestyle of the Roman Empire. The talk will illustrate sculptures of emperors and gods, mosaics and wall paintings, showing everything from mythological scenes and famous people to bakers' shops, silverware, glassware and even objects in wood. Very importantly it will also look at the people of the two cities and their lives, loves and death on the fateful day in August AD79.

Speaker: Dr Paul Roberts

Dr Roberts is curator of Roman Archaeology at the British Museum and comes to us for the
second time.

July 2012

No Talk (Summer break)

August  2012

No Talk (Summer break)

September 12th 2012

King George III "The most cultured monarch"; art collector and friend of America

George III is unjustly remembered solely as having been mad and having lost the American Colonies. The talk corrects this impression and shows that he was a discerning art collector, patron of the arts and artists, friend of America and Americans and a committed family man. He was also a keen architect who added the future Buckingham Palace to the Royal residences.

Speaker: Oliver Everett

Oliver Everett was Librarian in the Royal Library, Windsor Castle 1984-2002.
This is his second visit to us.

October 10th 2012

The Big Apple: the architecture of New York City

New York is the site of some of America's most famous and iconic buildings. The talk surveys the city's built environment, from the comparatively ancient buildings of the 18th and 19th centuries to the great skyscrapers of the first half of the 20th century and more recent additions to the famous skyline. It examines the engineering and the virtuoso architecture.

Speaker: Mike Higginbottom BA, MEd

Mike Higginbottom is a former speaker in architectural and social history
and returns to us for the second time.

November 14th 2012

"A Likeness of Paradise": Stained Glass, the Sublime Art

This talk describes the development of window glass from Saxon times through to the Arts and Crafts Movement and beyond. The story ends with an appreciation of the skills of today's conservators.

Speaker: Lt Col Dick Bolton

Dick Bolton is a registered Blue Badge guide for SE England and Canterbury and specialises in
glass and architecture. This will be his second visit to us.

December 12th 2012

We Three Kings - Music, Art, Poetry and Legends inspired by the Magi

The Bible gives us very little information about the wise men who came from the East: all reference to them is housed in the opening chapter of St. Matthew's Gospel and what information is given is surrounded by ambiguity and approximation. By contrast, there is no shortage of music, poetry and art inspired by these men. The talk examines the impact of the Three
Kings on the culture of later generations.

Speaker: Peter Medhurst GRSM, ARCM

Peter Medhurst gives recitals and delivers illustrated talks on music and the arts. He will be accompanying himself on the piano. This will be his sixth visit to us.

Next Year's Talks
The 2013 programme is in preparation and proposals include;
  • Rene Lalique: Art Deco glass and Art Nouveau Jewellery
  • Treasures of the Silk Road
  • The Aztec legacy
  • Verdi and Wagner
  • Western Sculpture
  • Degas
  • Dumfries House
  • The Artists of Bruges
  • Houses and Gardens of Normandy

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