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The Arts Society Woking's Talk Programme 2011

All Speakers are carefully chosen based on their reputation for attractive and well-presented talks with good pictures. Talks take place on the second Wednesday of each month except July and August, so that’s under £4.00 per talk.
Talks commence promptly at 10.30am at Bisley Pavilion, Bisley Camp, Queens Road, Bisley Woking Surrey GU24 0NY  This website includes an Interactive map.
Coffee and biscuits are served from 9.45am.
Members may bring a visitor, but the same person may not be a guest more than twice a year. The visitors fee is £5 per talk.

January 12th  2011

London’s Unseen History (D)

This talk takes a fresh look at London’s development over the centuries. It includes rivers that are now underground, Roman London, tunnels and Joseph Bazalgette’s sewer system.

Speaker: Peter Lawrence Dip Local Hist (Ldn Univ)

Peter Lawrence is a tutor in architectural history and is a retired member of Royalty and Diplomatic protection at Scotland Yard.

February 9th  2011

Fakes and Forgeries: The Art of Deception (D)

The question of fake decorative art has been in vogue for centuries; however, increasingly sophisticated methods are being used by criminals to generate vast profits. The talk reveals actual studies, demonstrating the lengths to which forgers will go in passing off works as legitimate.

Speaker: Malcolm Kenwood

Malcolm Kenwood has 20 years experience as a police detective investigating art antiques crime.

March 9th  2011

Great Tarts in Art: High Culture and the Oldest Profession (D)

This talk is a mixture of art-historical analysis and scandalous anecdote, taking a generally light-hearted look at changing attitudes to sexual morality down the ages. It examines the portraits and careers of some of history’s most notorious ladies – but also looks at the complex and ambiguous attitudes of art and society towards the working girls at the lower end of the scale.

Speaker: Linda Smith BA (Hons), MA

 Linda Smith is an art historian who talks at Tate Modern, Tate Britain and Dulwich.

April 13th  2011

The Sublime and the Ridiculous: a Look at Victorian Painting

Andrew Davies explores the extraordinary range of Victorian painting from the well-known (Pre-Raphaelites, Whistler) to the less celebrated (Samuel Palmer, J.Atkinson Grimshaw, Richard Dadd) and glances inside several 19th century art galleries. He returns to us for the seventh time.

Speaker: Andrew Davies MA (Hons) Oxon

Andrew Davies is author, broadcaster, speaker and Extra-Mural Tutor for London, Essex and The Open University.

May 11th  2011

John Betjeman: First and Last Loves of Architecture

This talk is essentially a biography of John Betjeman with reference to architecture, where his first and last loves lay and where he was a pioneer in creating an awareness for conservation. In his poetry, his Englishness went to the heart of England and the English, containing some nostalgia and melancholy , but also a capacity for laughter – at our society, institutions and ourselves.

Speaker: Denis Moriarty MA(Oxon)

Denis Moriarty, who gives a wide range of talks on architecture, supplements his slides with generous readings of poetry and prose delivered in John Betjeman’s style.

June 8th  2011

Hatchments and Hedgehogs – an introduction to everyday heraldry (D)

Heraldry is all around us, not only in country houses, cathedrals and castles, but also from passports to pub signs and cricket caps to council offices. The talk is a straightforward introduction to what is often dismissed as an esoteric subject.

Speaker: Chloe Cockerill MBE, MA

Chloe Cockerill has a qualification in Librarianship and has experience in Church and local history (Essex).

July 2011

No Talk (Summer break)

August  2011

No Talk (Summer break)

September 14th  2011

The Pleasures of Paris: from Daumier to Toulouse Lautrec

This is an account of the re-designing of Paris and its social life from the time of Napoleon III to 1900, seen through the paintings of the new boulevards, parks and race courses. It shows Parisians at the opera, the theatre and ballet through the eyes of Manet, Renoir, Degas, Pissarro and at the Moulin Rouge with Toulouse-Lautrec.

Speaker: Shirley Turner MA Oxon

Shirley Turner is a historian and a freelance speaker and course speaker for the V. and A. Museum.

October 12th  2011

Abracadabra of the Mountebanks - stages, scenery and effects in the theatre (D)

This talk traces the architectural line of development of theatres from the Ancient Greek through the Medieval and Renaissance to the Victorian. It also includes the development of theatre machinery and stage effects.

Speaker: Tom Errington

Tom Errington is a practising artist and designer with experience in the theatre on the technical side. He returns to us for the second time.

November 9th  2011

Red Vibrations: the aesthetic and emotional significance of Red in Western art

Red is the most forceful colour and is very flexible, from demonic scarlet to angelic pink, from the wisdom of crimson to the warm exuberance of orange. The talk is an analysis of the way in which artists over the centuries have used it.

Speaker: Alexandra Drysdale BA (Hons)

Alexandra Drysdale is a practising artist who aims in her talks to open people’s eyes to the language of painting in a practical and imaginative way.

December 14th  2011

A Celebration of Christmas in Music and Painting

This talk explores the sacred and secular aspects of Christmas, using the keyboard and audio-visual illustrations. (D) = digital

Speaker: Janet Canetty-Clarke ARAM, BMus London

Janet Canetty-Clarke is a musician and speaker in music. This will be her fifth visit to us.

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