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The Arts Society Woking Talks Programme 2024

All Speakers are carefully chosen based on their reputation for attractive and well-presented talks with good pictures.
Our talks are held on the second Tuesday of the month except July and August (when many members are on vacation).
They start promptly at 10.30 am but doors open 9.45 am for tea and coffee
Our new venue is Normandy Village Hall.
Address: Manor Fruit Farm, Glaziers Lane, Normandy, Guildford Surrey GU3 2DT
Members may bring a visitor, but the same person may not be a guest more than twice a year. While we do not charge a Visitors fee, Visitors may want to make a donation to the Society of (say) £5.

For more information please click on the title for any talk
Date Speaker Title
Jan 9th Colin Shindler Sixty Years On, Life in Britain as seen in 1960’s Films
Feb 13th James Lindow Domenico Ghirlandaio - A Forgotten Renaissance Master
March 12th Clare Phillips The Glittering Canvas. Jewellery in Portraits 1850-1950
April 9th Tony Tucker The Splendours of the City Churches
May 14th Alexandra Epps An Artist’s Best Friend. The Dog in Art
June 11th Raymond Warburton The Top Twenty Most Popular Artworks in Britain Today
Sept 10th Imogen Corrigan Illuminated Manuscripts. A General Introduction
Oct 8th Daniel Robbins Frederic Lord Leighton. Eminent Victorian Artist
Nov 12th  Ian Cockburn Medieval Barcelona. A World Apart
Dec 10th Barry Venning Christmas with Giles, Grandma and Family
Tuesday January 9th 2024

Talk: Sixty Years On, Life in Britain as seen in 1960’s Films

There are four elements to this lecture.

The first is a look at the emergence of the North in Saturday Night and Sunday Morning, Room at the Top, A Taste of Honey, This Sporting Life etc..

Second would be a look at Swinging Britain – Julie Christie in Darling, Michael Caine in Alfie, the Beatles in A Hard Day’s Night and the James Bond movies.

Third would be a look at the last days of Empire as seen in Tony Richardson’s Charge of the Light Brigade, Zulu and, comically, Carry On Up the Khyber.

Finally the drastic change in the depiction of sex from Dirk Bogarde in Victim (1961) to Alan Bates and Oliver Reed famously wrestling nude in Women in Love (1969).
Colin Shindler

Speaker: Colin Shindler

Tuesday February 13th 2024

Talk: Domenico Ghirlandaio - A Forgotten Renaissance Master

Woking Arts Society Talk Domenico Ghirlandaio - A Forgotten Renaissance Master
Domenico Ghirlandaio (1449-1494) was one of the most successful artists of the fifteenth century. Born in Florence, Ghirlandaio established one of the leading studios producing works ranging from small devotional images to prestigious fresco cycles for churches in the city.

Ghirlandaio’s success led him to Rome during the 1480s as part of a team of artists commissioned for the Sistine Chapel.

Though a significant amount of his work remains in Florence, he is largely unappreciated today. To his contemporaries, however, Ghirlandaio’s style and organisational skills were greatly admired, leading the sixteenth century biographer Giorgio Vasari to claim he deserved to be “celebrated with extraordinary praise after his death.”
James Lindow

Speaker: James Lindow

Tuesday March 12th 2024

Talk: The Glittering Canvas. Jewellery in Portraits 1850-1950

Woking Talk- The Glittering Canvas. Jewellery in Portraits 1850-1950
Jewellery has always been one of the most personal of art forms. While its styles tend to follow in miniature developments across the decorative arts, its more intimate nature prompts a multiplicity of references, meanings and messages.

In this lecture V&A curator Clare Phillips guides the audience through a century of jewellery design - from the diamond-set naturalism and historicist revivals of the High Victorian period, though the glorious excesses of Art Nouveau enamels to the geometry of Art Deco and the emergence of a softer post-War style.

From Queen Victoria to Alexander Calder jewellery will be our principal focus, with portraits illustrating the complete look, and adding context and biographical interest to the passing decades.

Clare Phillips

Speaker: Clare Phillips

Tuesday April 9th 2024

Talk: The Splendours of the City Churches

Woking Talk - The Splendours of the City Churches
This lecture describes the immense variety of the Norman, Gothic, Wren and post-Wren churches in the City of London. In addition to their architectural merit, these churches contain hidden treasures – the monuments, paintings and woodcarvings of great craftsmen of the time.

The lecture also includes stories of the many people connected with the churches - medieval kings and queens, religious leaders, great statesmen and explorers, poets, playwrights and novelists, and modern film-stars and personalities.

Tony Tucker

Speaker: Tony Tucker

Tuesday May 14th 2024

Talk: An Artist’s Best Friend. The Dog in Art

Woking Talk - An Artist’s Best Friend. The Dog in Art
Dogs are man’s most loyal friend. They are often used in art, as in life, to project our ambitions and anxieties.

From the poignancy of Landseer, Queen Victoria’s favourite animal painter; to the dachshunds of Bonnard and Picasso; the xolos of Kahlo; the whippets of Freud and many more, explore how dogs have provided inspiration, solace and companionship throughout artistic lives.

Alexandra Epps

Speaker: Alexandra Epps

Tuesday June 11th 2024

Talk: The Top Twenty Most Popular Artworks in Britain Today

Talk: The Top Twenty Most Popular Artworks in Britain Today


Beginning with Radio 4 in 2005, and continued by the likes of YouGov, panels of art experts, and several broadsheets and tabloids, there has been a fascination to discover the most popular paintings and other artworks in Britain today.

The lecture is based on a rigorous bringing together of the results from seven recent polls, and several sets of expert recommendations, to present the most popular paintings in Britain over the last 20 years. There will be some surprises when it’s revealed which paintings and which painters did and did not make it into the Top 40, let alone the Top 20. The no. 1 painting may also come as a surprise.

Prior to the lecture, members of the audience will be asked to predict their Top Three. Towards the end of the lecture, audience members will see how their predictions shaped up. There will also be adequate time to reflect on the factors that make a painting popular. This lecture is unique and engaging, full of interest and variety.
Raymond Warburton

Speaker: Raymond Warburton

July 2024

No Talk (Summer break)

August  2024

No Talk (Summer break)

September 10th 2024

Talk: Illuminated Manuscripts. A General Introduction

Woking Talk - Illuminated Manuscripts. A General Introduction


An introduction to illuminated manuscripts of both pre- and post- Conquest periods.

This considers briefly how they were made and planned and the difficulties faced by the scribes, some of whom complained bitterly in writing. The lecture considers the importance of the Correct Text and how errors were corrected, how some manuscripts are linked artistically to others; we can track styles migrating and progressing over the years.

Throughout the lecture, there is a theme of how the books were used, whether as sacred vessels for The Word or as memory joggers for day-dreaming monks.

Overall, the audience should gain an awareness of the great diversity of styles and perhaps be surprised at the vast amount of material that survives and how much we know about the men and women who made them.
Imogen Corrigan

Speaker: Imogen Corrigan

Tuesday October 8th 2024

Talk: Frederic Lord Leighton. Eminent Victorian Artist

Speaker: Daniel Robbins

Speaker: Daniel Robbins
At the time of his death in 1896, Frederic Leighton was the most celebrated artist of his generation. Recently ennobled, he had been the president of the Royal Academy since 1878 and was widely credited with enhancing the status of art and artists in late Victorian society to unprecedented heights.

This lecture explores Leighton’s life and work; from his continental upbringing to his dramatic debut at the Royal Academy, the construction of his remarkable studio-house in Kensington and his rise to international fame and recognition – including the story behind his most famous picture, Flaming June, and how it comes to be in the Ponce Museum, Puerto Rico.

Tuesday November 12th 2024

Talk: Medieval Barcelona. A World Apart

Talk: Domenico Ghirlandaio - A Forgotten Renaissance Master
Catalonia has a long and turbulent history of continuous opposition, emphasising always its separate culture and language. Its medieval architecture and art reflect this search for a distinct identity during its early, formative years.

We will explore this theme, in Catalan Romanesque architecture, in the Gothic quarter of Barcelona, which contains the most complete collection of 13th to 15th century buildings in Europe, and in the exceptional collection at the National Museum of Catalan Art (MNAC), which has the finest group of pre-Giotto, pre-Renaissance painted murals in Europe.
Ian Cockburn

Speaker: Ian Cockburn 

Tuesday December 10th 2024

Talk: Christmas with Giles, Grandma and Family

Talk: Christmas with Giles, Grandma and Family
For a great many members of The Arts Society, the cartoonist Carl Giles was as much a part of the festive season as the Christmas tree, crackers and the Queen's Speech. So popular were the Giles annuals as Christmas presents that they helped to make him Britain's best loved, most successful and wealthiest cartoonist.

The talk looks at Giles's life and work with a particular emphasis on his seasonal cartoons, particularly those featuring Grandma and the Giles family.

TThey include some of his funniest cartoons but, as the art historian William Feaver pointed out, they also demonstrate that he had few equals when it came to representing Britain in Winter.

Barry Venning

Barry Venning/strong>

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