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Bletchley Park visit by woking DFAS
Bletchley Park - July 2014
Roman London DFAS Visit
Roman London Visit - May 2014

Visits & Guided Tours
Programme 2014

Our members have the opportunity to attend very reasonably priced guided tours. These optional events happen three or four times a year and include visits to exhibitions, galleries, museums, stately homes, gardens, cathedrals and other places of interest.

Thursday 8th May 2014

Roman London Brought Alive

Leader: John Shepherd MIFA, FSA

While initially Colchester was the capital of Roman Britain, London, a new town created by the Romans, was to become more significant in the life and administration of the province. Its forum and basilica complex was the largest north of the Alps and, in its heyday, Londinium was equipped with a fort, amphitheatre, large public baths, temples and substantial commercial facilities as befitted the largest town in Roman Britain.
In the troubled years of the early 5th century, Roman occupation came to an end. Much has been discovered by excavations over the last 50 years, and the story so far is beautifully told in the Museum of London, which is adjacent to and just outside the Roman Wall.

Wednesday 9th July 2014 

Bletchley Park

The first operational break into Enigma came around the 23 January 1940, when the team unravelled the German Army administrative key that became known at Bletchley Park as ‘The Green’. Encouraged by this success, the Codebreakers managed to crack the ‘Red’ key used by the Luftwaffe liaison officers’ co-ordinating air support for army units.
 In October 1941 after receiving a letter from some of the senior codebreakers decrying the lack of resources being afforded them, Prime Minister Winston Churchill directed: ‘Make sure they have all they want extreme priority and report to me that this has been done.’ From that moment on Bletchley Park began receiving a huge influx of resources and a major building programme ensued to create the space necessary to house the ever increasing workforce.

October 2014

Visit to the National Gallery

dfas art gallery visit
The Ambassadors by Hans Holbein (1533) 
An audio linked guided tour of 'Masterpieces of art through six centuries' led by NADFAS lecturer,Val Woodgate, who will give an interesting interpretation of the symbolism of the paintings and will explain some techniques used such as the anamorphic skull in the foreground of Hans Holbein’s painting entitled “The Ambassadors”

- see photos of visit below

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Past Woking DFAS visit
 - to National Gallery
Val Woodgate giving us
an audio linked guided tour


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